Pi的Lite模式它允许先锋即使在流量高峰期间继续挖掘 « 北极圈


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Introducing "Lite Mode"! Pi Network occasionally experiences spikes in traffic that can strain our back end. Lite Mode is a new, low-bandwidth version of the application that allows Pioneers to continue mining even during spikes of traffic. Lite Mode will allow us to continue serving the community as we grow and continually improve our back end. Share

译文:引入"lite mode", pi网络偶尔会遇到流量激增,这会使我们的后端造成压力。 Lite模式是应用程序的一个新的低带宽版本,它允许先锋即使在流 量高峰期间继续挖掘。 Lite模式将让我们继续为社区服务,随着我们的成长,并不断改善我们的 后端。

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