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派友观点 | Pi如何与区块链项目进行协作?

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How can Pi Collaboration with blockchain projects?




I love that Pi has clearly explained and been able to attract a wide variety of people.I found it much easier to get my friends onto the Pi App rather than Coinbase, for example.So I think that bringing this,almost marketing attitude to the rest of the blockchain  community Is a great way to say, "Hey look! We are delivering some value to you. We can help make blockchain, cryptocurrency easily accessible to the all this market you haven't been able to attract yet. I'd like to see Pi act as almost like a marketing agency for some of these other organizations.To then pave the wave for greater and more complex integrations later down the road.
我喜欢Pi清楚地解释了这一点,并且能够吸引各种各样的人。例如,我发现让我的朋友更容易使用Pi App而不是Coinbase。因此,我认为将这种几乎营销的态度带给区块链社区的其余部分是一个很好的说法,“嘿,看!我们正在为您提供一些价值。我们可以帮助让尚未吸引的所有市场轻松访问区块链,加密货币。我喜欢Pi像其他组织中的营销代理一样行事,然后为以后进行更大,更复杂的集成铺平道路。



Hi! Pi can be the most popular currency in the world, if it develops the following:
One, start working with fiat currency.
Two, increase the speed of transactions compared to other currencies.
Three, sign contracts with money service companies around the world.
Four, have a vast ecosystem. Ecyosystem. Ecoystem.
Five, attract the investor and help in implementing the programs.



Pi and other cryptocurrencies, can work together in a collaborative way by utilizing their one mechanism of sharing their technology for mutual benefit use.This will help model, and every project has to share their technological assets and it is not necessary to build separate technological platforms for each of the projects, because it will be very costly to them. So we have to utilize the platforms and exchanging the support with each other.

There are mutual benefits by making cooperations and also taking benefits on a capital light model.So it is a good idea to share the technological platforms or expertise to have, and grow up together.As in, trying to be collaborative technological companies. Thank you.




 I think that Pi can collaborate with other blockchain projects. Its very simple and easy because you know the Banks are the first people to adapt the blockchain, because it will impact them tremendously. So most banks are aware of the blockchain now. So we must create a liaison committee and to be meeting with these banks, or many big businesses like Amazon.


There are many big businesses that all belief in Blockchain.This is the future, I think, that is going to change the future and many big companies are using it now. And I think that approaching banks and big businesses and to explain to them our community helps out and strong.And that can really establish business transition with them, by just talking to them, explaining to them,and see how could we support them, and how can they support us.That's what I think will be a task to be created by the core committee on how to approach these businesses.



Hello Pi! Today, I'm going to walk you through my ideas about the two commonly asked questions.The first question is, "How can Pi collaborate with other blockchains?"Why Blockchain may help the current state of Bitcoin.The distributed ledger technology is quickly making inroads across a variety of industries. That's mainly because of its security & potential for improving systems operations.All while reducing costs, and creating new industries.  Then most use cases of blockchain around the world.
你好,Pi!今天,我将带您了解关于两个常见问题的想法。第一个问题是:“ Pi如何与其他区块链合作?”为什么区块链可以帮助比特币的当前状态。分布式分类帐技术很快跨各种行业进军。这主要是因为它的安全性和改善系统运行的潜力,同时还降低了成本并创造了新的行业。然后是世界各地大多数区块链用例。

from the scientific community.blockchain technology adaptation is on the rise.So how can Pi collaborate with other blockchain technologies in the future.Pi's core strength lies in its numbers There are numerous Pi nodes and supernodes actively around the block, around the world. That can be a good thing for many blockchain projects who are looking for fixing their transaction time.Thousands and thousands of transactions are being validated every second.The rate of transactions to be processed is also increasing.

But I think that collaborating with this blockchain can help with these transactions.without affecting, or sacrificing the security.Users can both save their time and money by not paying the high transaction fees.Another great collaboration. Pi can be the next generation currency of the world. But with Pi. It can hold, swap, exchange its own mined cryptocurrency.That would give all the things in the world.




On the question of how Pi can collaborate with other blockchains projects,I believe one way to do this is to create some interoperability between Pi and other blockchain projects. For example, Pi can handle financial aspects of smart contracts.So this way, people who use this contracts, or particular blockchain can deploy their entire contract on the Pi network.

It allows your to benefit from the strong ecosystem that the Pi mobile app is developing.And this allows Pi to act as a bridge between regulators and other blockchain projects.For example, Pi is looking to build a strong customer system.Other blockchain network can leverage this ecosystem and deploy their projects to Pi, without the hassles of blockchain interoperability, and all of that. Once Pi can handle the interoperability between blockchains,I believe it will go a long way to increase collaboration between Pi and other blockchain projects.Other blockchains can benefit from the KYC, because Pi has developed a strong KYC.It will help users who understand and build more trust in the Pi network system. It allows regulators to have confidence in it. So in this way other blockchain projects can benefit from this form of compliance with regulatory laws and all that.So I believe in interoperability will be good with collaboration between Pi and other blockchain projects.




How should Pi collaborate with other Blockchain and traditional projects?Well, Pi is still in its infant stage. So in my opinion, I don't think Pi should reach out for collaboration with other blockchains, and traditional projects.  The power of the Pi Network is its proof of work guaranteed by 10m verified Pioneers.So my approach to collaboration would be to wait for other blockchains and traditional projects to reach out to the Pi Network.With this approach the Pi network will have the upper hand During business negotiations. So to sum it up, adapt the mentality of a powerful crypto project 10m verified pioneers.Let the mainstream blockchains and project approach the Pi Network with their ideas.Let them come. Let them talk. The Pi Network have plenty of time.Pi应该如何与其他Blockchain和传统项目进行协作?好吧,Pi仍处于起步阶段。因此,我认为Pi不应该与其他区块链和传统项目进行协作。Pi网络的强大之处在于其工作证明是由1000万名经过验证Pioneers保证的。因此,我的协作方法是等待其他区块链和传统项目伸向Pi网络。在业务谈判中。因此,总而言之,请适应一个功能强大的加密货币项目的思维,该项目已经过10m个经过验证的先驱。让主流区块链和项目以他们的想法接近Pi网络,让他们来吧。让他们说吧。Pi网络有很多时间。



On how we can collaborate with other blockchain systems in existence,is to either collaborate with the platform like local cryptos, where people can exchange local currency directly on the platform. For Pi,This works really, especially in Kenya because its very successful It appears that it is global, and therefore it would make Pi easily available for exchange at good rates.locally. And it also creates jobs for people who will choose to sell and buy Pi directly from such a platform.Of course this is a basic platform that Pi can create on its own.

The other way we can, make business work with Pi is to create an app that allows people to buy Pi, or goods and services using Pi. This app would be available for the merchants and the users, and each time somebody goes to the merchant, they just enter the merchant number, and the amount that is required to pay and they can shop for goods and services anywhere.This is a service similar to one in Kenya.Which works very much like a debit card. Its very very successful. I can imagine that if Pi was to have something such as this system, everybody globally would benefit. Especially during Covid pandemic where all businesses are affected. This would offer businesses a new avenue to refer their businesses. Thank you.



In my oppinion, Pi can be easily integrated to other blockchain projects as Pi is designated to be a global currency, the use can be an alternative the rewards of mining other crypto or recieve interest after holding cryptocurrencies.These alternative features would be useful for those who mine other coins but can recieve rewards or bigger stash of other not easily sellable coins by receiving interest in PI.

Currently, there are other crypto platforms, apps where Pi is mentioned as a starting project so basically they help us to get to a more well known status for the users.And Pi will turn to the public after phase 3. These features of promoting the cryptos can sold as normal ads as on the network. Generating additional income.




Pi can create a conversion system that can work with other major blockchain projects and crypto.Such as Bitcoin. This system allows user to convert both ways. Users can exchange Pi for other currency.Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much. So collaborate with other business projects can let Pi  help business and get beneftis for make our plan, and strategy. How can we grow their product and how can Pi push their product>That is needed to collaborate with businesses that have similar Pi collaboration is needed to target different businesses with customers collaboration means sharing benefits. Pi can collaborate with businesses by advertising together discounts and special offers.The market force and cobranding verified by other companies. For the collaboration Pi For the collaboration Pi can priority to ensure long time survivel.




Lately I have talked to many friends in retailing business. Basically they are very interested in bringing in Pi for their business. No one would reject money coming in whatever form it is. Of course, we also need to attract people to mine and use their Pis. Anywhere if there are some places accepting Pis people will start to believe it and use it on daily basis. This is just like live advertisements day in day out. Pi will be spreaded out like this in a bottom up way among people who know little about Pi and blockchains.

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. That saying suits very well for the Pi network. Much hard work has been done, but there still much more to be done yet. Let’s working together my fellow pioneers all over the world, let’s dive into the barter market place, starting to build a decent value for Pi, That’s very much fundamental for people and traditional industries to brace Pi, in my view.

That’s all. Thanks for your patience, Happy mining, see ya!

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